phpThumb generated thumbnailThe experience and knowledge of the Senator design and production team has enabled them to constantly evolve and improve the design of each boat model in the Senator range. The design of a Senator is leading edge. The unique hull shape allows each boat to cut through the water providing the ‘smooth ride’ that is characteristic of the Senator range. The smooth ride means a more pleasant journey for everyone on board. Senator has developed a series of innovative design features to meet the needs of boaties throughout New Zealand. Senator was one of the first boat manufacturers in New Zealand to pioneer the unique folded style alloy pontoon.

Senator also prides itself in providing boats with many features incorporated in the ‘standard’ boat, such as hand rails, bollards, cleats and boarding ladders. Senator also firmly believes that everyone buys a boat for a completely different reason. It may be for fishing, diving, family fun and adventures or for business. Whatever the reason they can customise a boat to your needs.

RC450 - RC620

RC450Originally designed as Senator’s entry level model aimed at the first time boatie, the RC450 ha...

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RH580 - RH860

RH580The RH580 gives its owner the confidence and comfort only a hard top can offer, knowing it will...

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RCC450 - RCC580

RCC450 A truly multi-purpose boat that can access those out-of-the-way beaches hiding the best fishi...

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MH630 - MH700

MH630A natural progression from the Cuddy series, the MH630 gives a lot more usable room, with plent...

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IS380 - IS400

IS380The IS380 has a high level of stability, load carrying, reserve buoyancy and can be towed on a ...

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