RC450 - RC620

Originally designed as Senator’s entry level model aimed at the first time boatie, the RC450 has evolved into a truly multi-purpose small boat. From towing the kids on a ‘biscuit’ to light tackle fishing or deep-water game fishing, this little boat is a surprise package.
The RC450 total length on the trailer allows it to be safely stowed in a smaller garage or left at the bach, waiting for your next adventure.

The RC 480 is the largest of the Senator small boat range. It has all the advantages of the RC 450 but with a lot more space where it counts, in the deck! Add to this the higher sides and perspex windscreens and you get an awesome family fishing platform that is easy to tow, easy to launch and a breeze to store.
Safety, as always, is to the forefront with separate pressure tested pontoon and underfloor chambers making this little package virtually unsinkable.
This is possibly the best small family boat in the Senator line-up.

If you’re looking for a great small boat to access those out-of-the-way beaches hiding the best fishing spots then the RC500 is just for you.
Jumping up in size from the RC450 the RC500 is larger in every way. With an on-the-trailer length of less than six metres the RC500 can be easily stored and towed by the average family car.
It’s multi-chambered, pressure-tested pontoon, higher sides and cuddy cabin will keep you drier and ensure a safe, smooth ride every time you’re out boating.

If you are after a little more cockpit room at minimal extra cost, choose the RC520.
This is an excellent practical boat for mid-range motors, ideal for beach launching and perfect for plenty of family fun including fishing and water skiing.

With a larger cockpit area, the RC540 provides plenty of room on board while still being easy to tow with smaller vehicles.
It’s a proven performer, with up to 115 horsepower and capable of carrying the load of your choice to and from your favourite spots in comfort and with ease.

A model in its own right the RC580’s again larger in every way from it’s smaller brothers, higher in the sides and a finer entry makes this model a great small offshore boat. Soft riding, great stability and a roomy cockpit.
A 5mm hull and the ability to have up to 150 horsepower make the RC580 a high-performance boat.
Fishing, diving and skiing – this boat has the ability to do it all in a stable, safe manner.

A model in it’s own right the RC620 is again larger in every way from it’s smaller brothers.
Soft riding, great stability with plenty of usable interior space.
Fishing, diving and skiing – this boat has the ability to do it all in a stable, safe manner.